All orders must be placed by March 7 for March 10 delivery! Delivery is $5 for the majority of Calgary.

Welcome to Fed by Alex


My wife can never come close to ever cooking anything that compares to how good this food is. The perfect blend of spice. So good I can't decide what's my favorite. My only complaint is prime rib hasn't been offered yet.


Fed by Alex is an absolute game changer. Every dish is packed with flavour!! Alex is an incredible chef and creates tasteful meals that our entire family love! It makes our weeks that much easier getting our meals cooked and delivered for us! My 10 month old just devours every single bite.


Fed by Alex is the best thing to happen to me. The food is unreal, better than any restaurant AND it has a homemade feel. Alex is the best cook, words can't do justice to how good the food is. I work full-time (12 hour shifts) at the hospital and don't have time/am too tired to cook. I don't enjoy meal prepping... it gets to be 5 days old at the end of a set and so repetitive. Fed by Alex is balanced, quick and easy to heat up. New options every week is amazing! All I can say is why didn't she start this sooner?!


Absolutely freaking phenomenal! There is not a single negative thing I could say about these meals Alex! You seriously have the gift of being able to blend the perfect level of spice that is so complementary to the other flavors in each one of these dishes. It has been so nice being able to take a break from cooking but still have such wholesome, well-made meals to enjoy. I will definitely be ordering week after week!