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Because Your Hands
Are Full—Literally


Here’s to the new moms. We know what it’s like to be postpartum: Your hands are full, whether you’re nursing, burping, changing, or cuddling your bundle. With this little human in your hands, you are the last human on your mind. But a girl’s still gotta eat. Whether you’re the mom in question or just looking out for her, we’ll stock her freezer with the nourishment her postpartum body (and new baby) needs and the flavours her whole family will approve of.

high in protein and iron, free from dairy, legumes & highly acidic ingredients   |   high in protein and iron, free from dairy, legumes & highly acidic ingredients

How Meals For Mamas Works

Our Ingredients

Nourishment For Your Fourth Trimester

As moms ourselves, we know postpartum isn’t easy. We’re here to make it easier. We focus on warming foods to lessen stress on the digestive system and ensure you’re getting the calories, protein and iron you need to recover from childbirth.

And we never forget about baby: Healthy fats enrich breast milk and support baby’s brain development, and we try to forgo ingredients that can cause fussiness or gassiness. Plus, we try to make our meals and snacks one-handed because, you know, a baby is always in the other hand.

The Meals For Mamas Menu

With your well-being in mind.

The Proof Is In The Freezer

“My husband is a health care worker and I’m on maternity leave, so we found the meals perfect to stick in the microwave during a busy day!”

—Esha Kumar

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