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Fed by Alex

Frozen Chicken Marbella (8 Pieces)

Frozen Chicken Marbella (8 Pieces)

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Chicken Marbella is a dish from the 80's that deserves to live on forever. 

My mom would always be making this when I was young and now my own kids gobble it right up! I've heard the story of how my mom made it for the first time when trying to impress a big group of my dads friends a thousand times. It's sweet, briney, filled with garlic and needless to say my dad's friends all loved it!

Our version is made with drumsticks and thighs (if you have a preference please mention so upon checkout). 

**Please note photo does not necessarily depict portion size and potatoes do not come with the dish. If you're looking for a side our Potatoes au Gratin pair perfectly.**

INGREDIENTS: chicken, prunes, capers, parsley, dried oregano, brown sugar, white wine, olives, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar


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