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Meals to Nurture & Nourish

We get what it’s like to be busy, whether you’re nursing a new baby, carpooling kids to karate, or climbing the corporate ladder. We see you, and we applaud you. Being a stay-at-home mom or working woman is no easy feat, but we’re here to make it a little easier with frozen meals made from scratch and made with love—like only moms could. Simply reheat and eat (and thank us later).

Our Story

Alex Johnson


A foodie with discerning taste in ingredients (and dresses), Alex comes by cooking honestly. After years of watching her mom cook, she inherited a taste for hearty home-cooked meals. She may or may not serve Fed By Alex meals to her family every week.


—Lamb Curry

Rebecca Pratt


The consummate host, Rebecca knows how to feed a crowd. As a working mom of four kids under four in the 90s (pause for applause), she had practice: Becky put a home-cooked dinner on the table every night. No wonder her dad called her his Little Meatball.


—Potatoes au Gratin


A little virtue, a little vice

In an age of diets and food rules, we’re for eating intentionally and intuitively. We’re for comfort food—the type of food that brings people together and fills bellies and hearts in equal measure. Wholesome and feel-good, like a Nancy Meyers movie. We source ingredients locally and further afield, focusing on whole foods. We may omit gluten or dairy for the allergic among us, but we also believe in the healing power of a good lasagna. Our meals are a little virtue, a little vice, and a lot of love.


Because no child in our community should go hungry

For every order you place, we donate $1 to I Can for Kids, a local program that empowers food-insecure families to feed their kiddos. Grocery gift cards give them the freedom to buy what they like—and need. The program is funded by locals for locals, from individuals like you to corporations and small businesses like us. We believe kids deserve food—we hope you do, too.

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